Our Goals

EDiS - Our Goals

The market

The aims of EDiS are to know each market to interprete their specific requirements, to anticipate the customers necessities thanks to the exchange of partners and updating of products. Such aims are reached through a continuous monitoring, made by its members, about the evolution of customers necessities in the different markets. The growth of group members will gradually cover all Europe and each member will operate in his own area.
We focus on common purchasing and are always looking for new suppliers worldwide.

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The products

Technical articles, hoses and couplings, rubber and plastic materials, safety products: A large variety of supplies characterised by quality and competitive prices. The EDiS products are a safe investment owing to the continuous research of the best supplying sources, the constant selection of the innovative proposals the presence of warehouses in various European countries and a deep distribution of products are two other main points in the EDiS cooperation.

The people

A team of open minded experts, well trained and aware of how important it is to keep up with changes, requirements of markets and uses who are more and more sophisticated and demanding. The forming of such men is followed by EDiS which prepares them and constantly keeps them up to date to make them the ideal partners of their own customers.

Website goals

Members of EDiS do not only deal with a huge variety of technical products – overall there are more than 200.000 different products, including – o-rings, shaft seals, hydraulic seals, safety shoes, foodstuff hoses, compressed-air hoses, sealing rings – they also elaborate these products.
They assemble hoses and couplings into complete lines, cut or stamp rubber plates or finished gasket systems.