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EDiS: 10 European Distributors of industrial Supplies 200 branches in Europe 10 international subsidiaries 5 expert groups for intense networking YEF - young executives forum for personality development

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EDiS members are on the lookout for a business partner, especially from the UK and France. We are a group of 10 European industrial supply distributors, sharing our knowledge about different markets to synergize and learn from each other.

How to become a Member?

All EDiS members meet the following requirements according to the EDiS declaration of intent § 3:

  • Of the supplying industry independent trading company
  • Main product assortments are in line with the other partners
  • Corporate spirit has to be part of the company‘s philosophy
  • Warehousing, stocks, customer service, quality guarantee, sales organization, and management are well developed
  • EDiS activities are considered confidential and partly secret
  • Members shall not misuse confidential information nor know-how of cooperative topics
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The People

A team of open-minded experts, qualified and aware of the importance to keep up with advances, market requirements and methods which are becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding. The group, establish and lead by EDiS, prepares and frequently keeps members up to date, consequently making them the ideal partners for their customers.

The Products

Our inventory consists of a large variety of industrial supplies defined by quality and competitive prices such as technical articles, hoses and couplings, rubber and plastic materials, as well as safety products. EDiS products are a safe investment due to the continuous research of the best industrial supply sources. The constant selection of innovative proposals, the presence of warehouses in various European countries and a broad distribution of products are three additional main points in the EDiS cooperation.

The Market

EDiS companies aim to know each market, interpret their specific requirements, and anticipate the customers’ needs thanks to the exchange of partners and product updates. These aims are reached through continuous monitoring, made by its members, about the evolution of customers’ requirements in the different markets. The growth of group members will gradually cover all of Europe, and each member distributor will operate in his area.

Nice to know

  • English is the official language of EDiS
  • All quotations are in EURO.
  • EDiS negotiates contracts on behalf of all partners. Orders are billed directly.
  • The purchasing power of the members is more than 365 million EURO per year.