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Technical articles, hoses and couplings, rubber and plastic materials, safety products: A large variety of supplies characterised by quality and competitive prices. The EDiS products are a safe investment owing to the continuous research of the best supplying sources, the constant selection of the innovative proposals the presence of warehouses in various European countries and a deep distribution of products are two other main points in the EDiS cooperation.

Industrial hoses

Hoses, Tubes, mountings and fitting couplings.
Diversity in material, execution, and cross-section.
The intended types of use are nearly endless and also is the diversity of hoses.
The materials have a huge spectrum from PVC over polyesters up to different mixtures of caoutchouc.
A lot of times different materials got merged with each other.
Depending on the intended type of use the hoses have to be lye or acid resistant, suitable for hig or low temperatures, abrasion-resistant and pressure and vacuum resistant.
The experts of EDiS advise you for the correct use.

Here is a selection of hoses and couplings:

1.Air and Water HoseAir and Water Hose TUBES 2116
2.Air Hose Multipurpose PVCLundgrens Air Hose Multipurpose PVC
3.Extraction / transport hoseNORRES Airduc pur 351 EC
4.Multi-purpose hose REIFF UniversalFLEX 25REIFF Universal FLEX
5.Multi-purpose suction and pressure hose REIFF OilspiralFLEXREIFF Vielzweckschlauch
6.PVC Spiral hose SPIRAMETPVC Spiralschlauch SPIRAMET
7.Rubber water hose REIFF WaterFLEXWasserFLEX Schlauch
8.Water Hose TricoflexLundgrens water hose Tricoflex
9.BreakawayGASSO safety coupling

Mounting – fitting for every hose

Every hose needs a mounting, accordingly huge is the product range.
The various and diverse proposition of tapware has the best solution for every effort and every coupling.
Choose in cooperation with the experts of EDiS the right accomplishment: stainless steel, steel, brass.

Hose plus mounting – complete line

Both products – hose and tapware – result in a functional and synchronized complete line.
Partners of EDiS deliver all required linking and connection parts and assemble them into finished complete lines – on request pressure checked.

Sealing technology Sealing elements/ hydraulic seals

The most helpful sealing choice depends on a huge amount of different technical parameters.
To fulfill all requirements a huge diversity of sealing was developed.
Our experts give you suggestions for the correct use.
Our huge product range is mostly back upped by our partner ‘Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’.
A lot of applications in the field of sealing technology can only be covered by special products or redevelopments.

Rubber plates / Isolations – Delivery made to measure

A nearly unexhausted product range of sealing material, isolation stuff, abrasive and wheels and rolls.
Qualified members of staff and a high availability of products guarantee you an optimized consulting service.
We analyze your problems and discuss a solution for you, which is individual created for you.
Our repair and assembling shop creates synthetic material and rubber material as requested by you.
We reach accurate results with our modern machines when we stamp rubber parts.

Sealant and adhesive for all connections

From simple adhesives to high-quality contact adhesives over specific lubricants and self-gluing adhesive tape our product range also offers a huge diversity of technical and chemical products.

Anaerobic sealants and adhesives are often the technical best solutions.
The huge diversity in the range of our products covers all industrial standards.
Attuned to all different situations dosing units amend the product range.

Grease, Seal and Steam

The purposes of use of chemical and technical products has a huge spectrum.
Often only one product is able to fulfill two or three different functions.


Industrial supply Products

This is a compilation of further specific products from the aforementioned categories.

1.Desert ShoesDesert Alta Work Shoe
3.Hose Clamb ABALundgrens Hose Clamp Aba
4.Loading ArmsGASSO loading arms
5.Loctite ThreadlockerLundgrens Loctite Threadlocker
6.Nitril GlovesEDiS nitril gloves
7.Nitril Gloves CoatedEDiS nitril gloves coated
8.Rubber MatLundgrens Rubber Mat


Got any questions about these products? Don’t hesitate to contact us.