EDiS Advantages for Suppliers


We are looking for your products and services – are you interested?

EDiS members focus on purchasing. Therefore we are always looking for new suppliers for technical products worldwide. In the focus of our activities is everything around hoses and couplings, hose assemblies and fluid handling systems.

Both leading brands and price competitive products are essential for our group. EDiS offers supplier partnership all over Europe. Investigating supplier markets and joint purchasing activities have been done over more than 20 years. Exchange of product-, service- and purchasing knowledge is substantial. EDiS is nominating suppliers worldwide. Global approach to the markets ensures a strong market position. Interesting volumes and an European wide distribution net makes EDiS so interesting for suppliers who look for global partnership. Each of the members has a leading market position in his sales territories.

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In the focus of EDiS purchasing activities are:

  • hoses and couplings
  • industrial and hydraulic
  • metal hoses

Other product groups are:

  • Rubber + plastic sheeting
  • Seals + gaskets
  • Power transmission products
  • Safety products.

The Power of EDiS:

  • a purchase power of more than 365 million Euro
    • hoses and couplings: 40 million EUR
    • industrial / hydraulic: 24 million EUR
    • rubber sheeting: 7 million EUR
    • safety products: 35 million EUR
    • Other industrial products: 259 million EUR
  • more than 2.600 well-skilled and motivated employees
  • 10 companies
  • branches in more than 25 countries in Europe and overseas
  • 190 points of sale
  • group turnover of approximately 800 million Euro
  • average inventory volume of 113 million Euro
  • more than 100.000 articles in stock.