Automatic Hose Reel DN 200 MM

Automatic Hose Reel DN 200 MM

We have carried out a project for Petronor (Bilbao) for the recovery of hydrocarbon vapors generated during the loading/unloading of oil tankers by means of marine cargo arms in order to comply with the new Safety and Environment regulations of Port Terminals in Spain.

The project is the first to be carried out and will be followed by
replicas in the different Spanish ports. It consists of the manufacture and installation of 2 automatic reels for Composite hose of 8″x 15 mts equipped with Breakaway security system and Camlok Marine coupling.

• Material construction: Carbon steel
• Drum material: Carbon steel with rubberized coating on the
• Painting: 3 layers of special paint for marine environment
• Nut, screws: Stainless Steel, Input flange ASA150 10 ”
• Drain: A drain connection in the lanyard
• Total width: 3500 mm
• Wide drum: 2100 m

• Electric motor, max 4Kw / 3f 400 VAC
• Zona atex 1-T3
• Control box with keypad on the roller
• Drum equipped with position sensor
• Control box in Aluminum
• Unwind button: The operator must keep it
• Pulsed at all times, when the engine releases
• It stops and blocks the hose
• Roll button: Press once and stop once
• Get the final part of the hose to the furler
• Emergency button: Press to stop the engine

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