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EDiS is a group of 10 European industrial supply distributors, sharing knowledge about different markets to synergize and learn from each other. The EDiS team is built out of open-minded experts, who are qualified and aware of the importance to keep up with advances, market requirements, and methods. These are becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding. The group, established and lead by EDiS, prepares and frequently keeps members up to date, consequently making them the ideal partners for their customers. Our members are located in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. We are always looking for distributors for industrial supplies to join our network.

EDiS - Advantages for Members

General managers of European companies have meetings to interchange at regular intervals. Members get to know earlier about shift at the market, tides of business and important suppliers. A lot of corporations operate all over Europe. Members of EDiS enjoy drops in interest of these international companies and they get the chance to become a supplier.

EDiS - Advantages for Suppliers
EDiS has a combined purchasing power of more than 365 million Euro, more than 2.600 well-skilled and motivated employees in 10 companies with branches in more than 25 countries in Europe and overseas. 190 points of sale with an average inventory volume of 113 million Euro and more than 100.000 articles in stock generate a group turnover of approximately 800 million Euro.
Lundgrens invests in Stockholm | EDiS News | European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Lundgrens invests in Stockholm

Lundgrens Sverige AB acquired the company Packningar & Plast in 2018. Today Packningar & Plast is manufacturing in Norsborg and we will now merge our two locations into a brand-new production facility in Tyresö. The new facility that is under construction will have a production area of approx. 3000 sqm.  

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Erik Jølberg, CEO and owner of TESS inc.

TESS Founder Goes Foundation

Erik Jølberg, the CEO and owner of TESS inc. gives his ownership of TESS to a newly established foundation named The Foundation of Erik Jølberg. The purpose is to create a stable, longlasting and predictable ownership of TESS. The contracts with the employees and shareholderagreements stay unchanged.

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Tubes International Hard Work with Liquid Asphalt | EDiS News | European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Tubes International Hard Work with Liquid Asphalt

The Challenge:Our customer is a leading transportation company specializing in the transport of liquid asphalt. A customer’s service team at one of the terminals were facing problems with finding a liquid ­asphalt hose solution for both loading and unloading of

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